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Video Analytics is the technology where you can assess your video, how’s it working out with the audience. Generally the video analytics help the company to measure how the video has been perceived by the clients which the main and primary aim of any video that the company has spent on. Generally few of the options that are considered while doing the video analytics are the time spent on watching the viedo, video engagement( pause, stop, replay) and the demographic structure of the audience.  These measures allow you to see which videos are performing better than others or see what elements of an individual video are been viewed more than other parts and other videos.

In today’s fast changing market Vimito aligns itself with the company and suggests what and how should they be managed and handled. Vimito helps you analyze everything from social media, mailer campaigns, landing page performance and video performance as well. With video marketing foreseeing huge future investments we help set benchmarks and optimize your time and investment on video marketing which is very crucial for a winning marketing strategy. With using the analytics for measuring the click through rates and engagement time you can make out the key performing areas of your video. Without analytics it is difficult to measure or interpret the performing areas.

Video Analytics help you measure the following factors and help you refine your strategy as per the response and variations of the market:

-Video Viewing History

-Click through Behavior

-Share factor

-Individual Video asset Contribution to ROI

-Geographical location of the Viewers


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