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Explainer videos are short engaging online videos which promote or explain a company,product or a service in an engaging manner. They use clear and concise language along with engaging visuals. It can serve as a assortment to present the bunch of ideas, products or services in  a way that it strikes a longing impression on the minds of the viewer.

Explainer Video lets you draw a vivid and a memorable picture of your product, service or a company. Animation breaks the laws of nature and induces life and liveliness to the product or the service that is been offered. By coupling both the visual and the auditory sense together. Animated explainer videos increase the impact and the retention by more than 70% thus elucidating the value proposition in a synoptic way.

Vimito creates simple yet commanding videos which improving the impact and recall. With multiple senses involved comprehension and retention increases several folds which is even supported by a scientific fact that inclusion of auditory and visual senses increases the retention by more than 58%.The average stay on a website is 6 times longer with a video on your website. So in a nut shell animated explainer videos are fun and the least boring of all.




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