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Animated video series is a series of animated videos connected to one another. By this the viewers can connect the new video to the preceding video. In series video we can highlight different benefits in different videos. By doing this we can keep the customers curious and engaged for the existing and the preceding videos which shows the benefits and influences of the particular product or a video.

Creating an animated series video facilitates companies to deliver an all round message while keeping the brand value at equal par. Once the customers are recognizable to the pattern of the video they are more compassionate to the packing of the new and subsequent videos. The signature visual make the viewers more perceptive and it help them recognize the same brand with much explanation to be done in support of the same. This phenomenon allows you message to reach to the audience in the loudest and the clearest way possible. The continuity provided by the video series enables the viewers to confide in their knowledge of your brand each time they watch a new video.

Vimito is expert in creating such animated series videos that holds power to provide a consistent message that may take multiple videos to communicate with the viewers. We also create multiple videos with a uniform visual theme that can portray different information or communicate to different audience.





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